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Behind the scenes

presentazione chi siamo ritratto produttore

“The history of Amaro Rubino began a couple of Christmases ago when I, as a hobby and an amusement, first tried to handcraft liquors as a gift for my friends. Time went by and I refined my herbal skills, my designs, and printed labels. I then came up with some unlikely naming, and kept filling bottles that empty very quickly. That was when I got a taste for it -encouraged by who drank to my creations- and I envisioned it clearly: I wanted to create a bitter liquor, an amaro. I gave myself two creative years to make it real with field tests and an almost obsessive perseverance. During this time, I researched the pre-alpine herbs, I discovered and got to know some smallholder- and bio-farmers and improved the recipe. After the bountiful and recurring sample tastes, my friends always suggested me the same naming: ‘It’s easy, isn’t it? You did it, give it your name.’
That is how Amaro Rubino was born – a handmade, local, organic herbs digestif. From fantasy combined with a bit of rock’n’roll gambling, combined with passion for good drinking, to the desire to share and the belief in more human and sustainable production processes.”

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