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Amaro Rubino Lunatico

Lunatico is the nocturnal, naughty alter ego of Amaro Rubino Bio.
It is a hymn to star-filled skies; to a full-speed night ride; to moonlit water baths; a shout while we are dancing on the last midnight of the year.
Amaro Rubino becomes “lunatic” as it leaves the known path to smell the unpredictable.



In the nose there is a hint of honey and flowers, as per the original recipe. On the palate, it is fresh and not too dense; herbaceous, balsamic and bitter sensations are more evident. Fresh and almost spicy citrus notes.


As in the original formula all herbs are wild or come from organic and biodynamic farming. On the other hand, Lunatico takes a few more liberties and adds orange. The stronger aroma is given, not only by the citrus fruit, but also by the wild mint; the lower sugar content allows more bitter sensations to be perceived. Instead of wildflower honey, which is produced in the province of Varese, on Mount Martica, we preferred acacia; its ‘lighter’ taste gives the liqueur a less robust consistency and allows many other aromas to be experienced.


Like the original Amaro Rubino formula, this version retains a not too high alcohol content of 25 % ABV, which allows all the aromas and botanicals it contains to be enhanced.