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Made from organic and biodynamic farming herbs, with no added artificial colourant or flavouring, Amaro Rubino is one of the first international market digestifs to gain an organic certification.


Between water streams and mountains, Amaro Rubino draws its taste from natural and grown herbs that have been used for centuries in a land framed by the lakes and prealps of Piedmont and Lombardy.


A whole artisan supply chain personally verified by its maker: from small manufacturers to craftmanship processes. A limited bottles production grants a high-quality level.


Respect for the environment is based on the desire to support a short food supply chain and to work with producers who have embraced the same principles. Tending towards the lowest possible impact on the environment is always a constant and a mission, from the production process to packaging..

A bouquet of flavours.


Amaro Rubino, with its 25 ABV percentage, is distinguished from traditional flavours by its delicate, sweet, structured taste. First come the hints of chamomile and elderflower, together with the incomparable goodness of pre-Alpine honey. The floral notes then give way to herbaceous and balsamic sensations brought mainly by mountain hyssop and the most common aromatic herbs such as thyme, bay leaves and sage. The spicy notes of meadow caraway come just before the bitter sensation given by the gentian and dandelion roots. A light echo of liquorice comes to the tail, which does not cover the flavours but leaves a fresh sensation on the palate.


It suits mixology thanks to its versatility for a wide range of traditional cocktails such as Manhattan, Margarita or even the italian Spritz, giving even further possibilities to bartenders’ invention.