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Terms of sale

Art. 1 – General disposition

The user access Amaro Rubino Bio through the URL: www.amarorubino.it. The browsing and order fulfillment involves acceptance of Data Protection Policy and Conditions hereby adopted and listed.

The following Terms of Sale are applied to products sales exclusively for on-website purchases in accordance with dispositions from Parte III, Titolo III, Capo I, Codice del Consumo (D.lgs. n. 206/05 modified by D.lgs. n. 21/14 e D.lgs. 70/03) from the Cattini Patrizia Company

Based in: Via Lazio 27, 21100 – Varese

Partita IVA/VAT Code: 03754990129

Registered to REA, VA number – 376715

The user must, before accepting the product(s) offered by the website, read these Terms of Sale, that will be considered generally and unequivocally accepted at the time of purchase.

We suggest the user to download and print a copy of the purchase form and the current Terms of Sale which Amaro Rubino Bio reserves the right to modify unilaterally and with no advance notice.


Art. 2 – Subject

The aforementioned Terms of Sale govern the offer, submission and acceptation of purchase orders for product(s) on the Amaro Rubino Bio website and don’t govern the product(s) sale or supply from subjects other than the seller who can be found on the website as links, banners or other hypertext links.

Before submitting orders and purchasing products and service from third parties, we suggest to check their terms of sale.


Art. 3 – Contract Completion

To complete the purchase contract, you must fill an electronic form and submit it according to the instructions.

It contains the reference to the Terms of Sale, the picture of each product and its price, the available payment methods, the available shipping methods and their delivery and shipping costs, a reference to conditions for exertion of withdrawal right; return times and methods.

Before completing the contract, you will be asked to confirm you have read the Terms of Sale and the Informative on the withdrawal right and personal data treatment.

The contract is fulfilled when the seller receives the filled form from the customer, assuming that the form contents are right and truthful.

The purchaser will be required to pay the price from the moment the online purchasing procedure is completed. This will take place when clicking the button “Purchase” at the end of the guided procedure.

When the contract is fulfilled, the sellers takes charge of the order and its handling.


Art. 4 – Registered Users

By completing the registration process, the user is required to follow the indications and to provide his/her personal data truthfully and correctly.

The confirmation will relieve Amaro Rubino Bio from any responsibility deriving from the user personal data. The user undertakes to communicate Amaro Rubino Bio any future variation of his/her personal data.

Whenever the user provides incorrect or incomplete data even in the case of a dispute between the involved subjects regarding the payments made, Amaro Rubino Bio reserves the right not to activate (i.e. to suspend) the service until amendment of the pertinent faults.

When a user is activating his/her profile for the first time, Amaro Rubino Bio will provide him/her with a username and password. The user therefore recognizes that such credentials represent the access validation system for the Services and the only suitable system to identify him/her, and that whatever action taken through that access will be ascribed to and effectively bind him/her.

The user undertakes to keep his/her access data secret, keep them safe and not to disclose them to anybody else.


Art. 5 – Product availability

Product(s) availability refers to actual availability at the moment of the purchase. This availability is merely suggestive since multiple users can log into the website contemporarily and the product might be sold to another customer before concluding the order.

Even after receiving the confirmation e-mail a total or partial lack of products could take place. In this case the order will be automatically corrected, the unavailable product will be crossed out from the order and the purchaser will be immediately notified via e-mail.

If purchaser asks for the order to be cancelled, rescinding the contract, Amaro Rubino Bio will refund the whole paid amount within 15 days from the moment Amaro Rubino Bio learns of the decision of the purchaser to rescind the contract.


Art. 6 – Featured products

www.amarorubino.it sells bottles of “Amaro Rubino Bio”

Further offer details can be found at: https://amarorubino.it/prodotto/bottiglia-70-cl/


Art. 7 – Payment method and prices

The product price is the one actually listed on the website, unless there is a clear pricing error.

In case of a pricing error Amaro Rubino Bio will notify the customer as soon as possible allowing him/her to pay the updated price or to cancel the order. Amaro Rubino Bio never undertakes the obligation to provide the product at a lower price that was set by mistake.

The website prices include IVA (italian VAT) and don’t include shipping costs. The price can vary any time. The price updates will not affect any order whose confirmation has already been sent.

Once the desired products have been selected, they are added to cart. Follow the purchase instructions, by inserting of verifying the requested information in each step. The order details can be adjusted before payment.

The payment can be made via paypal or bank transfer


Art. 8 – Delivery

Amaro Rubino Bio ships to all Italy areas, except for Vatican City and San Marino Republic.

Amaro Rubino Bio will only deliver to the user domicile that has been provided at the time of purchase.

Delivery generally takes place within 2-4 working days or, whenever no delivery date is specified, within the esteemed due date at the time of delivery method selection and, in any case, within the maximum due date of 30 days from the confirmation date.

Whenever the delivery couldn’t take place, the order will be redirected to a designated warehouse. In that case a notification will specify the place where the order can be found and how to book a new delivery date.

Whenever you cannot comply with the expected delivery date and time, we will ask you to contact us again to book a new delivery date and time.

Whenever delivery can’t take place for a reason not ascribable to us, thirty days after the day the shipping is available for delivery, we will assume the customer wants to rescind the contract.

Subsequently to the rescinding any paid amount will be refunded, including shipping costs except for added costs deriving from the choice of a shipping method different from the usual shipping method offered, with no justified delay, in any case, within 15 days from the contract rescinding date. The transport deriving from contract rescinding might have additional costs that will be charged to the customer.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer and are explicitly highlighted when confirming the order.


Art. 9 – Transfer of risk

The risks related to products will be passed to the customer from the time of delivery. Ownership of the product(s) is transferred to the customer as soon as all the due payment(s) is/are received, shipping costs included, namely at the time of delivery, if this happens on a different time.


Art. 10 – Warranty and commercial conformity

The seller is responsible for any defect of product(s) sold through the website, including the non-conformity of the ordered product compared to the ordered articles, according to the italian law.

If the purchaser has agreed upon a contract as a consumer (namely any physical person who acts on the website outside of a professional or entrepreneurial interest), this warranty is valid assuming that: the defect appears within the first 24 months from the product(s) delivery date; the purchaser files a formal complaint on the defect within 2 months from the date when the defect was first detected; the return form is filled in correctly.

In case of lacking conformity, the customer who agreed upon a contract as a consumer will have the right to have his product(s) refurbished according to conformity at no added cost, through restoration or replacement, or the right to a price reduction that means the rescinding of the contract as for the defected goods and the subsequent refunding of the price.

All the returning costs will be charged on the seller.


Art. 11 – Withdrawal

In compliance with the law, the purchaser has the right to withdraw from its purchase at no added cost or penalty and without specifying why, within 14 days from the reception of the product(s) according to art. 57 of D.lgs 206/2005.

In case of multiple purchases on the same order but coming through different shippings, the 30 days periods starts from the reception of the last one.

Any user who wants to withdraw his/her purchase can send an e-mail indicating his/her order number and username at: cincin@amarorubino.it

The purchaser will have to express his/her withdrawal right by sending any explicit declaration that contains the decision of contract withdrawal or by sending the withdrawal form on Attachment I, part B, D.Lgs 21/2014 not compulsory

The goods must be returned to:

Cattini Patrizia, via Lazio 27, 21100 – Varese


The good must be returned intact, in its original packaging, complete with all its parts and with its original fiscal documentation. There will be a verification of the aforementioned conditions and the website will file a refund of the price of the withdrawn products within 14 days at most, including the potential shipping costs.

As for the art. 56 comma 3 del D.Lgs 206/2005, modified by D.lgs 21/2014, the website can hold the refund until the delivery of the goods or until receipt of the shipping.

Withdrawal right may not be applied in case products and/or services of Amaro Rubino Bio are included in the categories listed in art. 59 of D.Lgs 206/2005.

The website will file the refund through the same payment method chosen by the customer at the time of purchase. If the purchase was carried out with a bank transfer and the customer wants to exert his/her withdrawal right, (s)he will be required to provide the bank routing numbers: namely IBAN, SWIFT and BIC necessaries to file the refund.


Art. 12 – Data treatment

Customer data are treated in compliance with the laws provided for by current legislation, as specified in the designated section where the informative can be found according to art. 13 EU Regulations 2016/679 (Privacy Policy).


Art. 13 – Safeguard clause

Under the assumption that one of the clauses of this Terms of Sale was nullified for any reason, this would not compromise in any case the legal soundness and the compliance of further dispositions present in the aforementioned Terms of Service.


Art. 14 – Contacts

Any inquiry can be sent to the following e-mail address: cincin@amarorubino.it, via phone to the following phone number: 3332097881, and via mail to the following italian address: Cattini Patrizia, Via Lazio 27, 21100 – Varese


Art. 15 – Applicable regulations and court of jurisdiction

The Terms of Service comply with italian laws and must be understood within their jurisdiction, except for any different imperative prevailing rule of the country the customer resides in. The subsequent interpretation, application and resolution of the Terms of Sale are exclusively subject to the italian laws.

Any dispute regarding or following the aforementioned laws must be resolved exclusively by the Italian Jurisdictional Authority. Especially if the customer makes a purchase as consumer as well, the potential disputes must be resolved by the court of the place (s)he resides in based on the relevant law.

These conditions were written on April 3rd, 2020.